Wishing you a Happy Years!

imageHappy New Years everyone !!!

I took this picture of my glass of Opus One- and to be honest it didn’t taste any better than my Trinitas wine.

I took a break from the blog cause I have been on cloud 9 for the past few months 🙂

Its been a long time coming. Also had a creative block for a while- so readjusting myself and becoming more focused so I can finish these books I’ve been working on.

I hope everyone wishes for the new year comes true!  I think mine have came true

………To Be Continued……


I find one trait that is the most unattractive trait ever, and its envy.

Where does it come from? Why does it come from those whom we love or we’re very close to?

Coming up, my grandmother taught me that not everyone is your true friend.And I find that to be so true. I was raised to work hard to obtain the things I wanted. Taking things that didnt belong to me was out of question, which brings up the question why anyone would do this to another person. All things are attainable , you have to work for it or on it. I notice that when a person is unhappy they want other people around them miserable or be “beneath them”. Thus giving them a superior mind frame. When the plan doesn’t go right they will find ways to destroy you ,your career, or marriage/relationship .

Maybe the other person can’t bear the thought of you out suceeding them. Move out of their path and watch out for the pitfalls. Walk around them like the road runner and let Wilde fall in his own trap 😉

Awakening to god’s plan

Memories are like pictures. We keep them and store them away. Years later we can open the box and be filled with joy. Remembering the elated feeling we felt at that moment in time.

What if that memory was a blur? What if it was all in the plans of the creator? He set it up to where the only way you could unlock that part of the memory is finding that special key. The key being that special person.

You begin to wake up after a long slumber. That special person nurses you back to where you were. You remember and suddenly you are back where you were. In pure bliss. God makes no mistakes

Thoughts for my 50th

People say that when you make a good impression, it lasts for a long time.

I like to think that if I were not to be on this earth another day, then I made a good impression on others. A reason why I started this blog. Don’t worry, Im not sick , but I ‘m often grateful to be here after a brush with death himself.

You have no idea how precious time is until you come to face to face with that reality. Not a lot of people can live and tell that.

What I can say since then, I learned to treasure moments with my friends and family. To teach what I have learned to others, so that they may spread it to others and so on and so forth. Whether its professional or personally, I love to share my happiness and whats reality.

It’s funny to me how people think they have you all figured out just by looking at you. Judging you by pure ignorance and acting it out in a way that makes them feel superior. Look, no matter what your social , marital, gender, or professional status is, your still like everyone else and can be in a position you don’t want to be in. Those that will be eating today, can quickly fall and wont be eating tomorrow. Nothings ever set in stone. You don’t know what the person your looking down upon has been through, as there is always a story behind the cover. Especially the ones who consider themselves superior to others.

It never fails me that  the majority of the ones  who make the big bucks, seem to never really be balanced and are always unhappy in some way. The ones who are not in that same position as the” big wiggers” seem to be happy and content life despite financial woes or hardship.  Maybe having a sense of fulfillment, balance in life , and integrity can be the key.

When I was 7th grade, I use to walk by the college that I would  later attend and graduate from . I would be on my way to summer school  and I always  would looked at the steps to the college when I passed by every morning. There was a motto that just got me as it seem so powerful. There was a painting which I cant remember at this time, but above the  painting there was the motto.It said,” The truth shall set you free”. It really didn’t make sense at 12 years of age, but decades later it makes sense now. The truth will really set you free. Being who you want to become not what others tell you to do or being a slave to the dollar.

Live , Love, Laugh, and Teach 🙂

circles unchained

Being human, its only natural to make mistakes.
We step into situations without taking a second look, often causing a bitter taste in our mouth.
Sometimes we need to see what’s at the end of the trail in order to be satisfied, even though it can leave the body and mind in a ravished condition.

Our minds won’t let go until we see the truth face to face. Ready to face the fear that’s there.

Where there is fear, there is love. Love comes in a higher frequency than fear, therefore love triumphs fear.

Until we face the root of our insecurities, we go in circles until we are ready to face our fears. Letting love uplift us to a higher place.

Starting anew is where you’ll find love. Wrapped up all around you like a favorite blanket . Leaving what’s not good for you on the outside and breaking a unhealthy cycle.

Stay blessed and wrapped in a cozy embrace.